3 Ways to Make Credit Card Payment on Time

Credit Card

Credit card issuers like Bank & credit union, offers its cardholders with different credit card payment options. Users can either login to pay credit card bill or use other ways to make payments on their credit cards.

However, there are many ways you can make your credit card payment on time to avoid late fee charges, enjoy a lower interest rate, get lower insurance rate, keep your monthly payments low and improve your credit score. So let’s get start learning 3 ways to make credit card payment that are common in all cards.

  1. Pay Credit Card Bill Online

For instance, American Express offers online payment option for its cardmembers. They can just login to their account to make instance payments on the go. For Sam’s Club Credit Card payment, you can access your credit account and set it at auto-payment.

The procedure of online payment is almost the same with every credit or Mastercard. You can either pay in full or due by following the same steps given below.

  1. Visit the official website homepage of your credit card issuer
  2. Navigate to Login page or login panel
  3. Access your account with login details
  4. Go to the payment or billing page
  5. Finally, make payment according to the given instructions

You can use PC or mobile to make payment via browser. However, some card issuer also offers Android or iPhone apps for the customers ease. Credit card payment online service is offered by all the credit card issuers. Therefore, it is the most used, and most secure way to make card payments.

  1. Credit Card Payment by Phone

Cardholders can also make their payments on phone. This payment options is made available by most of the credit card issuers. However, not all card issuers offer this way.

In this option, you just need to make a call at their customer care or whatever credit card phone number they placed. And then request of credit card payment. You’ll be asked to provide payment information. Please note that this payment option is also instant like online payment. However, making call may take time as compared to online method.

  1. Payments by Mail

Credit card Payment by mail is also one of the payment option. It is the oldest way to make card payments. This payment option is not used by most of the companies, however, a few of them still carry it.

You can make your credit card payment through mail, if offered by the company. In this way, you need to send your payment by mail to their given address. It takes up to 5 to 10 working days. That’s why it’s not instant payment option, and bit risky.

Thus, these are the most used payment options offered by any bank or credit card issuer. Although there are many other payment options also available such as credit card to credit card payment, payment at store, payment through bank account, auto-payment etc. But these are the most used throughout the history. If you’re a cardholder, these credit card payment options are really gonna help you lot.

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